Lavender Eye Pillow


 These eye pillows are the perfect way to relax your eyes and mind after a busy day. The French lavender buds release a calming aroma while the flax seeds have a natural cooling effect and soft weight. 

Note: Fabric colour may vary.


Use the pillow for 5 minutes of downtime anytime, at the end of your yoga practice, or to help you fall asleep. 

About the Maker

Tullamore Lavender Co. is a small start-up farm and lavender product company working to bring a little more TLC into the world. They are focused on self-care, caring for the land and caring for one another. The lavender plot is located just outside of Arthur, Ontario. Stephanie is the heart and soul behind TLC, channeling her creative energy into every product. She’s also working to nurture a greenthumb that would make her grandfather proud.

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