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Beetroot Blend

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A pretty pink latte, formulated to boost energy and help you repair naturally. Add to your favourite milk, smoothies or oatmeal for a superfood boost. No fillers or added sugars means a little goes a long way!


Vegan | Caffeine Free | Sugar Free | Organic

You won't even know it's made from beets. This blend is earthy with light warming spice notes and hints of clove.


    Organic beetroot powder, organic cinnamon, organic ginger and organic cloves.

    About the Maker

    Blume: A whole lot of latte and life lessons. At Blume, they believe that being healthy is all about balance, not punishment. We’re all on our own personal wellness journey, so if you want to have a beetroot latte, go for it. But don’t feel bad about ordering that custard filled croissant. For some wellness looks like going for a daily run, while for others it looks like a daily run, but to the pie shop.

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