Thoughtfulness, curated

Our philosophy 
The saying is "it's the thought that counts" but we want to bring back the thoughtfulness in gifting. Thinking about the entire journey of the gift. Starting from the care and effort our artisans put into the products, and finishing with the care you put into picking the perfect gift for someone special. 
Birthdays, housewarmings and holidays are all great reasons to show you care with a gift. However, we often wait for one of these events to come around to show the people in our lives that we are thinking about them. 
We want to bring joy to those around you. The world needs more positivity.
Our story 
Shopping local, handcrafted, and sustainable became a focus in my life after having my daughter. I became more aware of the items I was bringing into my home and put an effort into finding better-for-us products. I was surprised how much I enjoyed discovering new brands with amazing products, and then telling everyone about them!
- Kristen -